Utah Autism Community Center

Rendering of the new Utah Autism Academy Community Center

Utah Autism Academy is expanding its Orem clinic to include the Utah Autism Community Center, designed to provide services and support throughout Utah. This new 24,000 sf facility will include

Clinical Treatment – Including newly funded Adult Services

Utah Autism Academy provides clinic and community based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for individuals across the lifespan. As ABA has evolved, we are able to provide opportunities for a model of creative, compassionate, and evidenced based care providing “happiness” and “quality of life” as successful outcomes for treatment. Funding for adults is now available through various insurance plans, and UAA will provide “adult clinic spaces” in the new UACC.

Social Activities & Events

Building social circles can be hard for many people. UACC will hold classes on dating, internet safety, developing and growing familial relationships, emotional regulation training, and more. Those involved in our courses, along with the broader community, will enjoy practicing emerging and mastered skills at our dances, mini-concerts, game nights, BBQ’s & social gatherings at UACC and in the community.

Accessing Community Services & Doctor, Dentist & Salon “Practice Spaces”

UACC is a training ground for those who may want additional practice accessing the broader community. Our “modeling” doctor’s office, salon room, and dentist office will give opportunities for desensitization to these important procedural spaces, while rapport is built with a wide variety of professionals in community. Courses will also be offered to support religious inclusion, navigation of insurance, medication instruction, and other community services. Our program is open and welcoming to those in the community interested in “autism specific” learning and training.

Enhancing Skills, Hobbies & Interests

An important part of a successful life is the identification of and participation in activities that make an individual feel fulfilled and happy. Supports at UACC will include “introductions” to a variety of activities, to allow for choice and exploration of new and reinforcing hobbies and interests. These activities may include camping, dance lessons, community theater, gaming, autocare, yoga, outdoor recreation, gardening, pet care and a variety of sporting activities.

Independent Living

It is human nature to desire a level of independence & control for your own life. For those on the autism spectrum, additional support might be helpful in reaching their potential. UACC will offer classes on budgeting, safety skills, cooking, hygiene care, meal preparation, transportation, money management, home & personal space care, and more. Our unique center environment supports the learning aspects, while individualized follow through and personal implementation can be targeted and supported.

Health & Wellness

UACC promotes and supports all individuals living a healthy and safe lifestyle. Courses offered will include positive mental health supports, physical fitness, diet and nutrition, hygiene, medication management, human development, human rights awareness and more. With the help of professionals who understand those on the spectrum, these educational supports will decrease long term care needs and increase health and wellness.

Executive Functioning, Skill Development & Enhancement

Ongoing learning and development of skills is imperative to a successful life. Those who struggle with executive functioning deficits may be overwhelmed with daily learning. UAA will offer courses on time management, organization, problem solving, flexible thinking, self-management, impulse control, goal setting, developing tolerance and more. These foundational skills will promote success and happiness for a lifetime.


One of the most important skills that someone can develop is the ability to effectively communicate. Some individuals may communicate well verbally, while others need assistive technology to support their communication. One thing we all have in common is the need for ongoing support to effectively communicate. Our courses on effective communication (i.e.conflict resolution, self-advocacy, written communication, expression of emotions, asking and answering questions) will open doors not only for those on the spectrum but for others who love them and desire to communicate more effectively with them.

Pre-vocational & Vocational Training

Employment skills are a pathway for many to a successful life. Teaching these skills in contrived and “safe” situations, as well as exploration of employment possibilities, will not only create opportunities for long term success, but allow for individuals to feel empowered and independent. UACC provides opportunities to enhance skills to empower individuals to create their own success.

UAA Employee and Internship Opportunities

UACC will offer a wide variety of employment & internship opportunities for individuals looking for a wide range of experience in fields associated with Psychology, Healthcare Administration, Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech & Language Pathology, Child Development, Business, Marketing, Social Work, and many other fields. Having hands-on experience with the community, in a place that is inclusive and supportive of growth for all involved, is what UACC aims to achieve.

This model will provide support, consultation, training & information distribution throughout the entire state. If you’re interested in more information about the Utah Autism Community Center, get in touch.