Mission Statement

Mission Statement:
Utah Autism Academy (UAA) is committed to providing individualized services for children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families.  Our unique collaborative approach is designed to meet the various needs of those on the spectrum in a center, community and home-based environment to help individuals gain important skills for reaching their full potential.

Goals and Objectives:
UAA was developed to address the growing need for facilities and services offering intensive therapies and education for individuals within the wide range of the autism spectrum and their families.  The goal is to work in a collaborative relationship with parents, physicians, resource providers and others involved in the treatment of those with ASD, to provide the gold standard of care giving individuals a potential for mainstreaming into typical learning, vocational and social environments with success.

UAA thrives on standards of integrity, trust, excellence and collaboration. Successful business strategies, implementation tools and training opportunities have been sought out from other thriving centers from around the country, bringing together the best practices and tools to provide optimum learning and development of staff and students.