About The Program

Utah Autism Academy (UAA) is designed to offer center, home and community based intensive therapeutic interventions and instruction for individuals across the range of the autism spectrum and their families.  Each program and treatment plan is individually developed by a collaborative team of professionals to create an optimum learning environment for a broad spectrum of ability.  UAA also serves as a facility for training and developments of higher education students and professionals to grow in the field of behavior modification therapies and autism related careers.

Utah Autism Academy – A Non-profit entity

Board Members include –

  • Tricia Nelson – President
  • Jason Nelson – Vice President / Treasurer
  • Craig Brady – Marketing and Development Director
  • Teresa Cardon – Autism Education Specialist
  • Michael Garrett – Attorney
  • Troy Graham – CPA

Each member of the board brings a unique perspective, knowledge and understanding of the autism community, market needs, useful tools and parent perspective.